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Music, Life-force, Connections, Poetry, Travel, Grief, Walking
Re-evaluating, Dreams, Revelations, Thermodynamics, Re-connection, Healing

Connections - REVIEWS



This thought-provoking book charts the life of a remarkable woman, Jennifer Dixon, who is devoted to her mother, Maria, and her beautiful and generous sister, Maureen. Their love of music binds them together, and to each other, through seasons of joy and deep sadness. The lively prose shows that despite distance and diverging lifestyles, the knot of love that is tied through early family life cannot be loosened by the passage of time. The author's transcendental connections to her sister and mother make for spell-binding reading.~ Brian Moir


I never stopped reading this book until the end. It is so full of love and music and yes, also tragedy, that it brought me both tears and laughter. The positive philosophy of the author throughout her adventurous life is absolutely convincing. I strongly share with her the belief in the tremendous therapeutic power of music, her belief in the energy from above, her connections with her beloved ones. Thank you, Jennifer Dixon, for sharing these precious memoirs. They made me think a lot. ~ Gerda Maria Isabella Sperl


Wow! This author, with her conversational style, led me to the depths of despair at times only then to find myself laughing at the most unexpected of places. It is a most remarkable and exceptional story and the positive message that shines through shows not only the power of love and of music, but also the resilience of the human spirit when at its lowest ebb. This is a short, moving and most uplifting read … well worth the time. ~Ros



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